The Hosts (Who)

This year’s Trans and Trance  conference is happily hosted by three graduate students and one invaluable faculty adviser from Western University, a public research university located in London, Ontario, Canada.

Jamil Afana


Jamil Afana is passionate about the discipline of architecture and holds a degree in architecture from the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Seville, Spain. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in Hispanic Studies at Western University, focusing on urban design of Mexico Tenochtitlan.


Sarah Warren
Sarah Warren is an upper-year Master’s student at the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, an interdisciplinary program at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. Her research interests primarily circumscribe working between ontology, epistemology, and ethics to complicate the dynamic relationship between intellectual and material culture.


Christian Ylagan


Christian Ylagan is a second year PhD student in Comparative Literature at Western University. He’s fascinated by postcolonial identities, street print literature, queer subjectivities, and tattooed bodies.



Calin MihailescuCălin-Andrei Mihăilescu is a Professor of Comparative Literature, Critical Theory, and Hispanic Studies at Western University in London, Canada, the Chair of Comparative Literature at his university, and a tetra-lingual writer (of academic writings spanning a number of disciplines, of prose, poetry, essay, children stories, etc). His recent publications include Happy New Fear! (2011), and “Literary Theory and the Sciences” (ed.; Neohelicon 41.2, 2014), while forthcoming are                                                              An Astrocentric World, and “Rereading Faces”                                                              (ed.; special issue of The Yearbook of                                                                                Comparative Literature).


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