The Locale (Where)

Western University – nestled in scenic London, Ontario – is a top-ranking Canadian public research university with a population of approximately 35 000 students. Aside from its many academic strengths, Western is renowned for its gorgeous landscaping and soaring Neo-Gothic architecture, making it a wonderful place to both learn and explore.

In terms of the wider community, London has much to offer visiting scholars. For those with a taste for culture, a visit to the Grand Theatre, Museum London, or Aeolian Hall is sure to provide a vibrant and enriching experience. For those with a fondness for craft beer, Milos’ always has a real treat (or dozens) on tap – never mind delicious, seasonal, chef-prepared cuisine. A stroll through the bustling crowds of the Covent Garden Market for a cup of locally-roasted coffee, artisanal chocolate, or piping-hot soup never fails to have a cheering effect on the spirit. One will be hard-pressed to not spend more money than they ought to on hand-crafted ceramics at the London Potters Guild, a shining example of the interesting grassroots history that London has to offer. And that’s not to mention the many miles of beautiful trails winding their way through the city, offering scenic views of the Thames River.



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